Medical Application

Innovative materials for wound care

matripure – Natural soluble elastin

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Purified, water-soluble elastin

A new an industrially scalable method for isolating and processing elastin makes it possible to produce water-soluble elastin at marketable prices.

Water-soluble elastin is becoming increasingly important as an additive in cosmetical and medical care products, but is also relevant in the research sector.

The properties of the soluble elastin produced by matriheal can be adapted to the intended use. 

Wound care products based on natural elastin

matrisorb (left) and matripatch (right)

Our products are manufactured on the basis of natural elastin. Different products can be used depending on the type and severity of the wound:

  • matrisorb – an elastin/collagen sponge for the treatment of deep and chronic wounds
  • matripatch – an elastin-based nanofiber fleece for the treatment of large-area wounds